Posted on: March 29, 2009 12:16 pm

Nothing more to say

Sadly the season is over.  When you lose your last 4 games of the year, you can't really cry foul when you get ousted from the NCAA tournament.  Really a pathetic end of the season.  This was more than just getting beat by better teams, this was a complete collapse of both the defense and offense.  Yes, we scored 5 against UNH, but it's hard to call that a silver lining.

This will be my last post until Sioux Football starts next fall.


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Posted on: March 22, 2009 7:26 pm

It's the wife's fault

EVERY time I have my wife sit down to watch Sioux Hockey with me we lose.  I am not going to invite her again!  LOL  I'm serious though, I don't believe she has seen a Sioux win on TV in over 3 years.

I should be used to this heartbreak being a Cubs fan, but I'm not.  Especially not when it comes to the Sioux.

Grats to UMD on the championship.  They deserved it, no doubt about it.


Posted on: March 21, 2009 2:30 pm

Too sad

Those were the stupidest two goals I've seen in years.  I won't go as far as to say UMD didn't win that game, we gave it away, but it's close.  UMD played a great game.  Alex Stalock played a great game and anytime you get a shutout you deserve a win.  Yes, I said UMD deserved that win.   

Two stupid passes were the difference.  Eidsness may as well put that first puck in the net himself.  And that second goal was pure luck.  Behind the back shot that came from a stupid pass in front of the goal? 

The only consolation is UND will still make the NCAA tournament.

I can't write anymore.  I'm going back to my room to cry. Cry (just kidding....time to watch the 3rd place game)

For more information the UND site has a good article


Posted on: March 14, 2009 11:52 pm

Final 5 here we come!

The Sioux wrapped up their first round beating Michigan Tech 4-3 and taking the series 2 games to 0.  It was an exciting 3rd period as the Sioux kind of went into defense mode leading 4-2 with 10 minutes left.  Tech put the pressure on and scored their 3rd goal.  It was a nerve wracking last 7 minutes but the Sioux hung on for the win.

Ryan Duncan led the way with a natural hat-trick in the 2nd period.  Matt Frattin added the game winner in the 3rd.

Denver, Minnesota, Minnesota-Duluth, and Wisconsin all wrapped up their first round matches and move on to the Red Baron Final Five..

Posted on: March 14, 2009 12:47 am

WCHA Tourney : First round

UND looked (or should I say sounded since I listened to the game via the internet) very strong defeating Michigan Tech 5-1 at the Englestead.  The Sioux scored 1 in the first and then 2 in each the second and third periods.  Tech's lone goal came 6:13 into the third.

5 players scored for UND showing the depth of their talent.  VandeVelde, Duncan, Tupp, Zajac, and Lamoureux all scored.    Brad Miller had 3 assists.  Way to go Matt!

Can't wait for the final 5 so I can get the games on the ol' tele.  Hope the NCAA tourney is on Directv too.


Posted on: March 7, 2009 11:15 pm

I must be psychic

I guess I've seen too many UND games or something.  Somehow I just knew that the typical Sioux hockey team loses after an emotional high the night before.  Last night's win securing first in the WCHA was great, but it led to a big let down tonight in Madison.  THey didn't need the win.  I think as a student (87-91) I saw too many Friday night blowouts lead to Saturday night losses at the old Englestead arena, especially when it was a big rivalry like Minnesota.

Now I didn't get to watch the game and maybe Coach rested a few key players or something so I could be wrong.

Either way, congratulations to the Sioux on a great regular season.  Now let's kick some tournament ass.



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Posted on: March 7, 2009 11:20 am


UND beat Wisconsin 2-1 on Friday night to clinch first place in the WCHA and win the MacNaughton cup.  They came up just short last year and last won it in 2004.  The WCHA is really competitive this year and has some very talented teams and individual players.

The Sioux scored both goals on special teams. A second period short-handed goal swung the momentum to UND and they scored again on a power play in the third. Matt Watkins and Chris VandeVelde were the goal scorers.

Denver was idle on Friday but plays on Saturday.  However they are 3 points back and cannot reclaim first place in the WCHA.   Denver has been solid all season and will do well in the WCHA and NCAA Tournaments.  They should get an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament no matter how they fare in the the WCHA final five.

I hate to say it but I expect an emotional letdown tonight for the Sioux and I am afraid they will suffer their second loss of 2009.  It wouldn't be disasterous though and could be good for the Sioux to realize they are not invincible going into the tournaments.



Posted on: March 2, 2009 12:03 am

First Place!

Going into the weekend DU and UND were tied for first in the WCHA.  The Sioux took 3 points this weekend while Denver split their series, earning 2 points.  DU has only 1 game left on the season so it will be nearly impossible for Denver to place first in the conference.  The Sioux would have to lose both games against Wisconsin next weekend, but they have only lost 1 game since December.  They are peaking at the perfect time.

Saturday the Sioux skated to a 4-4 tie against CC.  Hextall scored his 10th and 11th goals on the season.  Zajac and Watkins also tallied a goal each.

Sunday the Sioux won 4-3 in OT.  Kozek, Duncan, and Hextall scored, while Zajac scored the game winner 3:25 into OT.


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